Recruitment Request

To access the recruitment of supply must have previously granted the rush for water supply. Follow the instructions in this section.


Depending on the type of contract you want to apply the system will request documentation to attach to your application by email, Travlos the system itself or by fax always referring to the file open recruitment that the system will be provided once completed form application.

Recruitment request

Fill out the form and follow the instructions. The sending of this form implies the unconditional acceptance of our privacy policy.

Búsqueda de urbanizaciones o edificios

As a prelude to the recruitment must ensure that its development has undertaken. Insert the name or part of the name of your building, urbanization, suburb or town and the system will show if you have or Emabesa no onslaught.

Complete address

Contractor supply

Subscription Options

I want to use the personal data entered to discharge me as a customer automatically registered in

I want to subscribe to the e-billing service

I want to receive SMS notifications (free service)

Address for notifications


Current contract

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Other Services

Request a rush

In order to carry any water supply has to have a rush granted. In case that does not have her, must obtain at our offices .

Cancel Request

To give low water supply will have to be aware of payment including last bill and they hold a supply contract. In this section we will indicate the procedures to follow.

Bank Deposit

Direct debit of your bills will save time and travel. In this paragraph may request or change direct debit details.

On-Line Payment

In this section you can pay your bills without leaving your home and in just a moment. The payment gateway is fully secure and managed by Unicaja.

Communication meter reading.

If at the time the readings were made could not have taken our readers left him a card for you to take the reading and be sent to our office to proceed with the actual billing of their consumption.

Suggestions, complaints, queries

Contact forms for better communication with our customers. We attend to their complaints, consultations, recommendations, suggestions. Help us serve you better

Added as a registered client

Take high as a registered client and have access to their billing, their consumption data, their policies and improved communication system on-line real time.

Request Info

For any information not found on our website or technical support required for use, use this section and we will help as soon as possible.

SMS Alerts

In Emabesa have a warning system through SMS messages to all information on their policies or contracts go directly to mobile and free.

Electronic Billing

Emabesa commitment to electronic invoicing as part of its commitment for the environment, adhere to this service and receive your invoice via email. Remember that was discharged as a registered customer can have at your disposal your billing and consumption.

Notification of faults

In this section you EMABESA notify any incident or damage related to water supply.
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